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KUK is a Czech word for Peek-a-boo!and also a name of a festival focusing on Theatre for Early Years.​ 

The project was founded in 2016 by Studio DAMÚZA and takes place in Prague, Czech Republic. 

Throughout the year the team of KUK is organizing series of events for the smallest ones. Performances, yoga workhops, baby circus workshops, original interactive playing objects etc. can be found at these events… All parts of the festival are prepared mainly for the children aged 10 months to 3 years old and for their parents. 

KUK helps the youngest children to discover the world around them. It develops their imagination and motoric skills. 

Look at the pictures from KUK 2017




KUK 2018 


The playing part of KUK which is called KUKherna will take place at KC ZAHRADA on 10th-11th November 2018. It is prepared for the families from this suburbian area of Prague. KUKherna is an event where babies and toddlers can explore all the playing or relaxing activities in their own pace. 


Watch the video from KUKherna 2017 here.



The theatre part of KUK (KUKfestival) will take place on 16th-19th November 2018 at Studio ALTA. 

Do you want to present your show at KUK? Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 







Big Maze for Little Pioneers 

This wooden interactive object designed for KUK festival is multi-sensory play and hide area for the smallest ones. Crawl through all four seasons of the forest and let‘s be aMAZEd! 

The Maze is a place to be explored by toddlers and their big ones and can be even more interactive with our performers. 

Set Designer: Magdalena Koděrová 

Concept: Daniela Fialová 

For children aged 10 months up to 3 years 



Watch how the little pioneers see the Maze from inside here.


Microcosmos – the Playing carpet 

Haptic playing carpet for those who still prefer crawling and lying. The babies can explore all the components in their own pace. They can just lay down and relax or find the hidden things in the carpet alone or with our dancer who will be happy to help the toddlers to discover the Microcosm.  

Set Designer: Magdalena Koděrová 

Concept: Daniela Fialová 

For children aged 3 months old + 






Studio DAMÚZA also focuses on performences for Early Years. Recently we are really excited about performances for the youngest ones. these shows are not only cute and funny, they are also without language barrier.


Toddling and Dreaming  (Batosnění)

Fairy tale lullaby inspired by Czech children book. Two characters POM & LULI…..

Peek-a-boo! And here they are! On the way through neverland they meet Baa!, Woof-woof!, Growl!, Boo! The journey is long and eyelids become heavy…ShhGood night!  

This performance light as a feather focuses on European trend of Theatre for the Very Young.

This performance is the first one presented in Czech Republic. It offers first contact with theatre: It’s interactive, respects the toddlers needs and invites baby into the world of sounds, voices, moves, touches and puppets… 

Direction: Monika Kováčová 

Performs: Lucie Valenová, Daniel Kranich  

Set Designer: Zuzana Vítková 

Length: 30 min 





Tender trash-punk performance for toddlers.

It takes just a MOMENT and the ordinary things come to life. There they come! The tinny heroes from from dustbins.

Don't be fooled by their messy looking.... These  mates have loving soul. Take a step into the world where even rusty cans can tell stories. 

Concept and Direction: Pavol Smolárik, Richard Fiala, Marek Doubrava, František skála ml. 

Performers: Pavol Smolárik, Richard Fiala 

Music: Marek Doubrava 

Set Designer: František skála ml. 

Length: 30 min 




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